Guitar chords online guide

Learning to play electric or acoustic guitar is not easy. It takes lots of time and effort. But the learning is easier with proper guitar utilities and informations from this site. Our on-line guide helps to find guitar chords (you can download this chord generator), provides simple guitar tuner and teaches to transpose guitar chords.

Tip: We have added lists of most generated and played chords.

Guitar Chords Generator

This tool answers the question „How to play guitar chords” and provides guitar chords chart. You can display and play online all possible variants of each chord.

Guitar Tuner

Learn to tune your guitar by comparing two strings or two tones. After selecting tuned string you will see all corresponding positions on the other strings.

Chords and Music Transposition

Is a song too high or too low? Select the original key and a new key and transpose music.

WAP Guitar Chords

WAP version of this web. Enter the address to the WAP browser and find guitar chords in a mobile phone!


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