Guitar Tuner

Most of the guitar players who do not have an electronic guitar pitchfork tune so that they compare two adjacent strings. I am sure you have heart of this most common way. You press the "thicker" string on the fifth ("G" string on the fourth) fret and tune it to have the same pitch as the adjacent thin string. However, this way has a big drawback - little inaccuracies which we make while tuning each pair of adjacent strings sum up and farther strings do not sound so well. Better way is to compare the string you are tuning with all others. And that is what this applet is all about. If you select a string so you will see, where to depress the other strings to sound at the same pitch or the pitch difference was in whole numbers of octaves.

  •     - selected string or selected tone
  •     - tone of the same pitch
  •     - one octave lower tone
  •     - two octaves lower tone
  •     - one octave higher tone
  •     - two octaves higher tone

You select a string by clicking on it (it will become red). You can immediately see on the other strings where to press them for tuning. If you click on the selected string once more, you'll see corresponding tone on all other strings.

The previous version of guitar tuner (java applet) is available too.

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