Music Transposition

Are there difficult chords in a song? Or is the melody too high or low and it is not easy to sing it? This java applet helps you to transpose music and convert all chords into proper key. The applet direct transposes all common chords (tonic, dominant, subdominant, relative minor, minor 2nd, minor 3rd) and one selectable chord.

G xxx
1. Select the original key in "from" fields and a new key in "to" fields.
2. You should see most of original chords in the left column and corresponding new chords in the right column.
3. Click the button for displaying the chord.
4. There is the last line for transposition of some special chords.

Original key is usually either the last or the first chord of the song.

The previous version of guitar chords transposition (java applet) is available too.

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